Cold water extraction shouldn’t be a strange phenomenon to people who have some scientific knowledge. It follows the principles of using the difference in solubility of compounds to extract what an individual desires from a blend.

The most commonly extracted substances are found in the opiate family of drugs. Analgesic medicines usually have some form of an opiate such as codeine which offers synergy. One great example is the co-codamol painkiller which combines paracetamol/acetaminophen and codeine. Cold water extraction can yield codeine from the mixture. The mechanism paracetamol and ibuprofen don’t dissolve in cold water. This is the foundation of cold water extraction. Codeine and other opioid salts are extremely soluble in frosty water. When the mixed drug is put in cold water, the opioid component will get dissolved in the cold water while the rest of the medicine will remain as a precipitate. Once the solvent (water) has mixed with the opiate, the solute (paracetamol or ibuprofen) can be separated out. The remaining solvent in the cold water having the opiate can then be used as required.

The Process

Crush the Tablet
One can crush the tablet by applying a mechanical force in an enclosed compartment. A spoon, pestle, and mortar, or an espresso processor can do the squeezing job perfectly. The aim is to make the tablet as fine as possible so as to make the subsequent processes faster. No much experience is needed at this stage.

Hot Water Dissolving
Before you get to the final product, you may need to dissolve the tablet in hot water. Warm water is better than very hot water because it will preserve the codeine. Measure the water to reach at least three-quarters of the container.

The Wait
The next step is to simply wait and let the mixture cool. The room temperature is enough to cool the contents first. Rapid cooling may seem like the best way to save time. However, it will spoil everything. After a while, move the container to the freezer to continue with the cooling process. This is the time to let the codeine separate from the rest of the mixture. To be sure that the separation process is successful, one should ensure that the blend freezes. At the same time, too much cooling will solidify the mixture. The best thing to do is to wait by watchfully as the enchantment takes place.

While cold water extraction is a tasking feat, the results are pleasing. Get a good filter and channel the cold extract into another container. What remains of the filter is the paracetamol or ibuprofen and what is filtered is your precious codeine. Clearly, cold water extraction is something that any individual who follows instructions can achieve at home. Some people do it for fun to check if science theory really counts. For other guys, this is their chance to get higher than before. It will be wise to know if cold water extraction of codeine or dihydrocodeine is legal in your area. Otherwise, it is always nice to be armed with some hacks.